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  • 1 – School Information is easily accessible to parents all the time – Answer a whole bunch of frequently asked questions on your website, which in-turn will diminish parent walk-ins and constant calls.
  • 2 – A Communication and Marketing Platform – Daily operational information readily available also building a comprehensive online portfolio.
  • 3 – Building Credibility – It is an essential part of any school. Credibility shows your school is reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and digitally forward.
  • 4 – Educational Hub – Educational content can be posted daily to assist learners and parents.
  • 5 – Parent Newsletter  A great place to upload Newsletters and Communicators for parents.
  • 6 – Media Platform – Photographs and videos can be stored and showcased in one place.
  • 7 – Growth & Value – It is a great way to showcase your school and it’s ethos to the world. 
  • 8 – First Impression – Last but not least, first impressions are very important. Especially for fundraising, future employees and learners.

Living Data SA specialises in school websites, we have a comprehensive portfolio of schools whom we have created and host website for.

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