Financial Literacy Campaign

Financial Literacy This campaign focuses on educating learners on important financial literacy and saving. This campaign is booked to 300 schools in GP, 30KZN & WC.

Recycling Campaign

Awareness Campaign In this awareness campaign we educate children on the importance of recycling, why we need to reduce our carbon footprint. This campaign we booked on a national scale to over 250 schools and 100,000 children.

CSR Bookings

corporate social responsibility campaign bookings with youth and targeted audiences Read More


Based on the CSR Campaign, we create planning schedules for all teams and individuals, route mapping appointments, maximising audience reach and minimising time and fuel costs. Booking all events from Roadshows, Presentations, Sampling & Content Distribution.


Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns require information surveys before and after campaigns to ensure it’s complete success. We can conduct these surveys from online, electronic to telephonic thus ensuring the accurate information and guaranteed success. All awareness campaigns have a targeted audience with a set reach, we can assist with booking your team with that audience […]


CSR Campaigns are aimed to provide an educational & positive message to communities. From Children to Youth Adults, Moms, Dads and the Elderly. We assist our clients with booking the venue and target audience needed to reach their goal.